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Can Siberian cats be left alone? hypoallergenic cats for adoption

Do you have Siberian Kittens? Are they going to stay home alone while you are at work or away on vacation? Do they need toys, food and a litterbox to keep

them busy during the day when there is nobody around to play with them? I get it. You love your little furballs like crazy. I do too, so much that i’ve decided

to dedicate my time scouring for the best kitty products on Amazon just for you!

While many people like to and can leave their pets alone for a couple of hours, I am not one of them.

In the previous articles, I wrote about several amazing Siberian cat breed features. But we have to understand that this breed of cats has some not so great

qualities as well. They have very feisty attitudes and they need your attention non-stop!

Are Siberian cats friendly with other cats? | hypoallergenic cats for adoption

The Siberian breed of cat is loved for its personality. But did you know that this Russian native can also be a perfect pet for people who have multiple cats?

If you are looking to add another furball to the family, we recommend reading our article How Friendly Are Siberian Cats with Other Kittens? above before making up your mind!

There is a saying ‘they’re not called Siamese cats for nothing!’. The same can be said about Siberian cats, only… more so. Siberians are extremely friendly

towards people, very clean and have excellent personalities as long as they were properly socialized at the right age. It seems that Siberians need to go

through a difficult period in order to become friendlier with other members of the feline family (much like toddlers).

Siberian cats are very affectionate and can be great with a loving home. hypoallergenic cats for adoption

While many people like to and can leave their pets alone for a couple of hours, I am not one of them.

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