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Why does my Siberian cat follow me everywhere? hypoallergenic cats for sale

Since the 1920s, Russian breeders have been producing beautiful, long coats of fur that sprout from their muscular frames.

Siberians were originally bred by the Chukchi people in northeastern Russia for hunting and guarding purposes.

You have finally made the commitment to purchase Siberian kittens from your local Siberian cat breeder or rescued a stray kitten on the street.

You are so excited because you know that you will be getting an amazing, affectionate addition to your family but as soon as it arrives at home,

something is wrong! Your new obedient and quiet kitty has turned into a disobedient monster who seems hell bent on making sure that they never

venture more than 15 feet away from you without following them or climbing all over them

Siberian cats are commonly known for their playful and curious attitude towards life. They tend to be more people oriented than other cat breeds

and as a result, they will follow you everywhere! One of the most common questions we hear from potential Siberian kitten owners is “

Why do my Siberians keep following me around?” We’ve compiled a list of all the possible reasons below: hypoallergenic cats for sale

Why does my Siberian cat bite? hypoallergenic cats for sale

I’ve been a proud owner of Siberian cats for many years now. I have three beautiful, amazing and fluffy individuals that make my life as a cat parent complete.

Siberian cats are beautiful, fluffy and have a soft touch. They purr like a motorboat when happy but can give you scratches on your face if they do not get what they want. So why does my Siberian cat bite?

If you have a Siberian cat, you must be very familiar with the behavior of biting.

My Siberian cat is always hungry

If you know a fellow cat-lover, or if you yourself are the proud owner of an adorable Siberian kitty – let them know what they can do to keep their little furball happy and safe.

I got my kitten back in the fall of 2013. The guy at the pet store told me that Siberian cats are really friendly, and that they love their humans because they almost never stray far. So I decided to get one from him.

My Siberian cat is the most adorable pet that I have ever had. She’s fluffy, soft, and usually hungry all of the time! When she doesn’t eat enough she gets

really grumpy so I want to make sure that she’s as happy as possible at all times. hypoallergenic cats for sale

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