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Appearance, These medium-sized cats were certainly built for their environment in the forests of icy Siberia. Siberian cats have long, triple-layered, water-resistant coats and sturdy, muscular bodies that seem heavy compared to their size. With all of that hair, it’s unsurprising these cats do a lot of shedding. Twice a year Siberian cats actually molt: In the spring, this breed sheds their longer, warmer winter coat, and in the fall they shed a shorter summer coat. Despite all of that shedding, Siberian cats are actually considered. “Hypoallergenic” because their skin produces less of the chemical. Associated with cat allergies (Fel-d1), according to, The Siberian Cat Club (SCC). However, there’s no such thing as a truly. Hypoallergenic pet, and Kirsten Kranz, director of Specialty. Purebred Cat Rescue, says it’s important to know that these cats aren’t conducive to everyone with allergies. Buy Siberian cat online in the United States of America.

buy Siberian cat

Siberian Cats for sale

Though some people do find relief from cat allergies with this breed, every year we get Siberians [at the shelter] from people who are unable to tolerate them because of their own allergies,” she says. “Allergies are very different from person to person and these cats are no panacea in this case. If you’re considering bringing home a Siberian kitten, spend time with the breed first to see how your allergies handle them. Temperament, Siberian cats are super affectionate and have playful personalities. These cats mature very slowly, both physically and emotionally. It can take the Siberian as long as five years to reach adulthood, which means they spend a significant portion of their lives acting like kittens. Buy Siberian cat online in the United States of America. These cats love adventure and a challenge. They’re also excellent mousers who love to prowl the premises for pesky rodents.

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