Siberian kittens for sale Near Me

Siberian kittens typically cost between $1,200 and $4,000, depending on pedigree and age. Why the high price tag? This breed is expensive due to their high demand and the relatively low number of purebred Siberian cats outside of Russia—so they’re pretty rare in the U.S. these cuddly lap cats love snuggling and spending one-on-one time with their people. They’re also excellent mousers who love to prowl the premises for pesky rodents. When they’re not playing and hunting it’s not good. Siberian kittens for sale near me. These cats love adventure and a challenge. Living Needs, Siberian cats are super social animals who adore their humans and generally don’t like being left alone too long. These pets are the best fit for a home where humans are usually around and willing to engage in play. The Siberian gets along with nearly everyone. How to go about adopting a Siberian kitten.

Siberian kittens for sale near me

Hypoallergenic Cats Adoption

For instance, many Siberian cats love water—so don’t be surprised if your cat follows you into the shower or bath to play! He’ll also love exploring the world on a harness or lounging in the sun from his catio. Care, Siberians need to be brushed at least three times per week to prevent a matted coat. Says Natalie L. Marks, DVM, CVJ, Blum Animal Hospital, Chicago, Ill. They rarely need bathing because they have a triple coat that’s water-resistant. Aside from regular brushing, be sure to trim your Siberian nails regularly. You should also regularly clean his ears and eyes. Keeping his body moving and mind engaged is just as essential as brushing, too. Leaving out toys, providing them with a cat tree, and offering lots of one-on-one, play is a great way to get these cats moving and thinking. Siberian kittens for sale near me

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